IC1805, IC1848, IC1795 widefield region in Halpha and [OIII]

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Taken on August 5, 2005 from my backyard in Castro Valley, California

Pentax Takumar 200mm f/4 medium format camera lens

Finger Lakes IMG6303E imaging camera operated at -35C

Finger Lakes DF2 Digital Focuser

Finger Lakes CFW7 Filter wheel

Takahashi FCT-76 guide scope

SBIG ST7E guide camera

Custom made camera mounting frame 

Custom Scientific 3nm Ha filter (50mm unmounted)

Custom Scientific 3nm [OIII] filter (50mm unmounted)

three exposures of 30 minutes for Halpha

four exposures of 20  minutes for [OIII]

Two hours and  50 minutes total exposure time

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