Antares and Rho Ophiuchus Region Widefield in Halpha, Green and Blue


click image to enlarge, click here for highest resolution

Taken June 11, 2005 from Fremont Peak State Park, near San Juan Bautista, California

Pentax Takumar 200mm f/4 medium format camera lens

Finger Lakes IMG6303E imaging camera operated at -35C

Finger Lakes DF2 Digital Focuser

Finger Lakes CFW7 Filter wheel (first light testing!)

Takahashi FCT-76 guide scope

SBIG ST7E guide camera

Custom made camera mounting frame (first light testing!)

Custom Scientific 3nm Ha filter (50mm unmounted)

Optec IR-Blocking Green and  Blue filters (50mm unmounted)

four exposures of 15 minutes for Halpha

six exposures of 5 minutes for Blue

ten exposures of 3 minutes for Green

Two hours total exposure time

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