NGC7635 Bubble Nebula in Red Filter from 18" Cassegrain with collimation tests

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Made after collimation tests (see below)

shot on November 13, 2004 from my backyard in Castro Valley, Ca.

Compact Collapsible Cassegrain 18" @f/12.60 (F=5760mm)

IMG6303E camera @-35C

AO7 @ 16 Hz

RCOS Dichroic beam splitter

ST7E guide camera

FLI CFW1 Filter wheel

Optec  Red  filter

15 exposures of 5 minutes through Optec Red Filter (binned 2x2)


--Collimation tests: Shot the same star inside and outside of focus at the center and each corner of the FOV

Need to investigate the asymmetry of left versus right. Suspicion is that a tilt of the imaging train relative to the optical axis is the cause. Needs further investigation.

Inside focus (click to enlarge)

Outside focus (click to enlarge)


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