Cederblad 214 (CED214) + NGC7822 Nebulae in [SII], Ha and [OIII] Light

[SII] = Red, Halpha = Green, [OIII] = Blue

Click image for medium resolution, click here for larger, for highest resolution, click here

Taken on  September 5, 7-8, 2004 from my backyard in Castro Valley, California

Takahashi FSQ106  f/5 (F=530mm) imaging scope

Finger Lakes IMG6303E imaging camera at -35C

AP80/900MM guide scope

SBIG ST7E guide camera at -15C

Finger Lakes CFW1 filter wheel

AP900GTO mount

Finger Lakes DF2 Focuser

Custom Scientific 50mm Narrowband Emission Line filters (AR Coated)        

   Sulfur II                        673.4nm  3nm FWHM

   Hydrogen alpha        656.3nm  3nm FWHM 

   Oxygen III                    500.7nm  3nm FWHM 

6 exposures of 15 minutes through  Halpha filter

17 exposures of 20 minutes through [OIII] filter

13 exposures of 20 minutes through [SII] filter

11.5 hours total exposure time

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