Herbig-Haro 222 and others in Halpha from AP155EDF f/7 and FLI ML4022

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Image also contains:

Herbig-Haro 1 & 2 and 34

NGC 1999

Taken on December 25, 2009 from my ranch in the California Gold Country

Astro-Physics AP155EDF f/7 used with 4" field flattener 

Finger Lakes CFW 4-5 filter wheel 


Finger Lakes ML4022 camera

Chroma 50 x 50 mm square Ha, [SII], [OIII] filters (7nm)

Astro-Physics 80/900mm guide scope with adjustable rings

SBIG ST7ME guide camera

AP1200GTO mount

9 x 30 minutes Ha

4.5 hours total exposure time (taken in a single session)

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