IC1805 Detail in Halpha from RDC18 Cassegrain and IMG6303E Camera

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FSQ/IMG6303 shot              This work: 18" Cassegrain

[SII] Ha [OIII]                          f/12.6, IMG6303 binned 2x2

3.5 arc-sec/pixel                  0.64 arc-sec/pixel

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Closeup taken on November 27-29, 2004 from my backyard in Castro Valley, California

Seeing conditions were worse than average, stars measured at 3.2arc-sec FWHM

Compact Collapsible Cassegrain 18" @f/12.60 (F=5760mm)

IMG6303E camera @-42C

AO7 @ 12 Hz

RCOS Dichroic beam splitter

ST7E guide camera

FLI CFW1 Filter wheel

Optec TCF-S focuser

Custom Scientific AR-coated 3nm FWHM Ha filter

7 exposures of 45 minutes through Custom Scientific Halpha filter (binned 2x2, scale=0.64 arc-sec/pixel)

five hours 15 minutes total exposure

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