IC2162 Emission Nebula

HaGB image

Ha only 

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Taken January 4, 2003 from my backyard in Castro Valley, Ca

six exposures of 10 minutes each plus three exposures of 20 minutes each taken through a Schuler Halpha filter (Ha image)

Four images of 5 minutes each taken through green and blue filters (for tricolor image)

LRGB combined: L=R=Halpha

FLI IMG1024S Dream Machine Camera @ -35C

C14 at 3910mm (f/11)


TV101 @f/10.8 Guide Scope (barlowed up 2x)

AP1200GTO Mount

FLI CFW1 Filter Wheel

Schuler Halpha (9nm)

Optec IR-Blocking LRGB filters

Optec TCF-S focuser

Maxim DL 3.07/Focusmax/Sigma/Photoshop

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