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IC2162 with satellite track. Taken 5Feb2002 at 10:15-10:25pm Pacific Standard Time from Castro Valley, Ca. ( Lat= 37.718000, Long=-122.065000)

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Above image with satellite track prediction overlay.


from http://nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov/spacewarn/spx532.html

COMETS (COMmunications and broadcast Engineering Test) is a Japanese test spacecraft that was launched by an H-2 rocket from Yoshinobu launch pad in southern Japan at 07:55 UT. A malfunction in the second stage resulted in an orbit well short of geostationary. It was designed to be a relaying satellite between ground stations and orbiting satellites. Initial orbital parameters were period 106.5 min, apogee 1,882 km, perigee 249 km, and inclination 30.0 deg.

Configuration File for above simulation:

ic2162lt.cfg  (download by "right clicking", then "save target as")