M101 Spiral Galaxy in Ha + LRGB

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Taken on March 12 & 13, 2004 and March 25, 2005 from my backyard in Castro Valley, Ca.

Equipment used and exposure details:

Astro-Physics AP155EDF  imaging scope @1085mm focal length (f/7) 

Astro-Physics AP180EDT f/9 imaging scope used at f/6.75 via Astro-Physics 0.75X Telecompressor

SBIG ST10XME imaging camera @ -23C

Astro-Physics 80mm guide scope

SBIG ST7E Guide control camera @-17C

FLI CFW 1 filter wheel

Optec IR-Blocking Luminance Filter

Exposure details:

9 exposures of 20 minutes each for Halpha

10 exposures of 10 minutes each for Luminance

3 exposures of 20 minutes each for R, G, B

7 hours 40 minutes total exposure time

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