M16 through Halpha emission line filter

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M16 "Star Queen" in Halpha

Taken 19 March 2002 in backyard in Castro Valley, Ca.

4 Exposures of 300 seconds through Schuler Halpha filter (3nm) median combined

Equipment used: CM1400 with TV101/ST7E Guidescope

                                  3910mm  Focal length / f/11

                                  FLI Dream Machine @ -40Deg C

                                  Optec TCF-S Temperature Compensated focuser

                                  AP1200GTO mount


AP155EDF f/7 telescope

AP1200GTO mount

TV101 Finder Scope

ST7E NABG camera @-15C

FLI CFW 1 filter wheel

Schuler Halpha (9nm)


7 x 600 seconds median combined

Taken 03 July 2002 at Montebello Open Space Preserve, Santa Clara County, Ca.


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