M17 Swan Nebula imaged through emission line filters

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Near IR = Red, Ha = Green, OIII = Blue

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Near IR = Red, S2 = Green, Ha = Blue

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S2 = Red, Ha = Green, OIII = Blue

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Ha = Red, OIII = Green, SII = Blue, Near IR = Luminance

Taken on July 4, 2003 from my backyard in Castro Valley, Ca.

Astro-Physics Starfire 102 f/8 imaging scope (F=812mm)

SBIG ST10XME Imaging camera @-22C

Astro-Physics 80mm Guidescope (F=900mm)

SBIG ST7E guide camera @-15C

Finger Lakes Instrumentation CFW-1 Filter wheel

Custom Scientific Narrowband Emission line filters:

    Hydrogen Alpha      656.3nm /3nm passband

    [Sulfur II]                    673.4nm/3nm passband

    [Oxygen III]                500.7nm/3nm passband

BW Optic 49mm type 93 Near IR pass filter (850nm cutoff)

Optec TCF-S robotic focuser

Maxim DL 3.10 used for image capture, processing

Sigma Beta 10 used for combining darks, biases, lights

Three shots of 20 minutes each through each filter type.

Different color assignments applied as listed above.

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