M33 The Pinwheel Galaxy in Triangulum

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M33 The Pinwheel Galaxy in Triangulum

With nebulous hydrogen regions emphasized

The goal of this image was to show more clearly the large nebulous regions in this nearby galaxy. By using images taken through a Hydrogen Alpha filter blended with the RED channel data, the hydrogen nebulae are displayed as the bright red regions in the galactic arms.

These nebulae are likely to be very similar to the large nebulae found in our Galaxy such as NGC7000 (North American Nebula), NGC5070 (The Pelican Nebula) and other such objects. Because M33 is comparatively close to our galaxy, the Milky Way, these nebulous regions can be directly observed from ground-based instruments.

Taken on September 1, 2002 from backyard in Castro Valley, Ca

AP155EDF f/7 imaging scope

FLI IMG1024S imaging camera @-30C

Televue TV101 guide scope

SBIG ST7E NABG guide camera

FLI CFW1 Filter Wheel

Optec IR-Blocking LRGB filters

Schuler 9nm Hydrogen Alpha filter

27 exposures of 300 sec for Luminance

7 exposures of 1200 sec Halpha (Blended with Red)

6 exposures of 300 sec Red

6 exposures of 300 sec Green

6 exposures of 300 sec Blue

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