M57 Ring Nebula in Halpha, [OIII] and Helium II with Clear Luminance: Schillings / Crisp collaboration

Halpha = Red, [OIII] = Green, Helium II = Blue (wavelength ordered palette)

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Benoit Schillings' original luminance data, click to enlarge

Original Narrowband data before combining with luminance

Color Data:

Taken on  July 19 and 20, 2006 at  Richard Crisp's residence in Castro Valley, California

Stinger 450 Classical Cassegrain (18" f/12.6)

Lumicon Giant Easy Guider with Focal reducer for final: F= 3366mm, f/7.1

Finger Lakes CM10 MaxCam imaging camera operated at -26C


Finger Lakes CFW1 Filter wheel

SBIG ST7E guide camera

Custom Scientific 3nm FWHM Ha filter (50mm diameter)

Custom Scientific 3nm FWHM [OIII] filter (50mm diameter)

Custom Scientific 3nm FWHM Helium II filter (50mm diameter)

Six exposures of 30 minutes in Helium II

Five exposures of 30 minutes in [OIII]

Four exposures of 30 minutes in Halpha

Seven and a half hours total exposure time for narrowband data


Luminance Data:

Taken during July 2006 at Benoit Schillings' residence in Los Altos Hills, California

Home built 16"  Newtonian, barlowed up to f/12

ST10XME imaging camera with AO7

two hours exposure through luminance filter

Total exposure time for combination image is 9.5 hours

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