Lagoon and Trifid Widefield Region (M8 and M20) in RGB

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Taken on April 29, 2006 from Fremont Peak State Park in San Juan Bautista, Ca

Pentax SMC 300mm f/4 medium format (6x7) camera lens (First Light)

FLI IMG6303E Imaging camera operated at -26C

Takahashi FCT76 guide scope

ST7ME guide camera operated at -15C

FLI CFW7 color filter wheel

FLI DF2 Digital Focuser

Custom made camera lens adapter system

FLI Research Grade RGB filters

5 exposures of 5 minutes through Red Filter

4 exposures of 5 minutes through Green Filter

3 exposures of 5 minutes through Blue Filter

One hour  total exposure time

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