Mark I Classical Cassegrain 18" f/12.6 using Aluminum and Carbon Fiber Tubing (serial number 1)

See Serial Number Two of this telescope series here

See images taken with Serial Number Two here

with optics and mount attachment hardware, weight is ~101#

Jan 19, 2006: Preparing for first light (visual only)

Jan 20, 2006: Camera system added consisting of FLI IMG6303E + FLI CFW1 filter wheel + RCOS Dichroic Beam Splitter used with AO7/ST7E for guiding. CIrca 2002 Schuler 9nm Halpha filter + FLI Research Grade LRGB filters loaded for initial testing

Feb 26, 2006: for visual use an Astro-Physics 2.7" focuser was added

Feb 26, 2006: closeup of focuser adaptor showing interface from

AP focuser to "C14 thread" instrument connector on back of mirror cell.

First Image: Jan 20, 2006. Need to work on a few alignment and internal reflection issues. Exposure is 2 x 90 seconds with no darks or flats used.

Second image: Jan 22, 2006. Star shapes improved. Need to flock baffles to eliminate reflections. Seeing  very poor (~4.5 arc-seconds), gusty wind (10-15mph gusts), but decent wind immunity. Exposure is 1 x 20min (2x2 binned) with no darks or flats used.

Third image: Jan 23, 2006. Star shapes good, and flocking of baffles removed reflections from image. Seeing very poor at 6.5 arc-seconds in focus runs. Exposure is 4 x 20 minutes (binned 2x2) and calibrated with flat and dark frame.

Rear view of scope with cell support installed into frame.

Planning Stages for scope layout

Planning stages for scope layout

First full assembly of scope with optics, Dec 25, 2005

Making dovetail on Wells Index 837 milling machine

Making instrument support hub on Jet 1236 geared head lathe

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