NGC1999 Nebular region with HH34 and HH222 in Halpha

DDP Processing Used

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               Kitt Peak comparison image, click to read more details



                 ESO image of HH34 region, click to read more details

My Exposure Details

Taken on December 18, 2004 at Fremont Peak State Park, near San Juan Bautista, California

Astro-Physics AP180EDT f/9 imaging scope used at f/6.75

Finger Lakes IMG6303E imaging camera at -37C

Astro-Physics AP80/900mm guide scope

SBIG ST7E guide camera

Astro-Physics AP1200GTO Mount (first light)

Finger Lakes CFW1 Filter wheel

AstroDon 6nm Halpha 50mm AR coated unmounted filter


Astro-Physics 0.75x Telecompressor

Astro-Physics Field flattener for 180EDT f/9

four exposures of 45 minutes through AstroDon 6nm Halpha filter

Three hours total exposure time

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