NGC206 Extra Galactic Open Cluster in The Great Andromeda Galaxy (M31) including numerous Extra Galactic Globular Clusters


Location of NGC206 region within M31

Shows several open clusters and globular clusters contained within this region of the Andromeda Galaxy


"hard"  processing                                      With labels on major clusters (from Hodge)

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"softer" processing to better resolve         (chart from Hodge's Atlas

the star colors in the main cluster               of the Andromeda Galaxy)



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To see the APOD image of NGC206 click here

12 x 5 minute exposures each through Optec IR-Blocking LRGB filters 

Image taken on October 12, 2002 in backyard in Castro Valley, California

Imaging Scope: C14 @ f/11 (F=3910mm)

Imaging Camera: FLI IMG1024S @-25C 

FLI CFW1 Color Filter Wheel

Tracking Scope: TV101 with Televue 2X Big Barlow (F=1080mm)

Tracking Camera: SBIG ST7E @-10C

AP1200GTO Mount

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