NGC2244 Rosette Nebula in Halpha and [OIII] from Pentax 6x7 400mm f/4 lens and FLI ML8300

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taken on December 25, 2009 from my ranch in the California Gold Country under a first quarter moon

Pentax 6x7 400mm f/4 ED(IF) camera lens used at f/4 

Finger Lakes CFW 7 filter wheel 

Finger Lakes PDF

Finger Lakes Microline ML8300 camera operated at -25C with RBI annihilator enabled

Custom Scientific 4.5nm emission line filters

Takahashi FCT 76 guide scope with Takahashi rings

SBIG ST7ME guide camera

AP1200GTO mount

11 x 10 minutes Halpha

10 x 10 minutes [OIII]

3.5 hours total exposure (taken in one session)

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