NGC5383 Barred Spiral Galaxy in Canes Venatici with UGC8877 (PGC49624)

Click on image to enlarge (pushed hard to reveal UGC8877)

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Taken on April 10, 2004 from my backyard in Castro Valley, Ca.

C14 imaging scope @4430mm focal length (f/12.46) stabilized with mirror locks and with camera angle adjuster

SBIG ST10XME imaging camera @ -25C

SBIG AO7 Adaptive Optics System

SBIG ST7E Guide/AO control camera @-20C

RCOS Dichroic Beam Splitter for separate guide/imaging camera used with AO7

FLI CFW 1 filter wheel

Optec IR-Blocking LRGB Filters (50mm unmounted)

5 exposures of 20 minutes for Luminance

Maxim DL used for ST10XME control

CCDSOFT 5.00.71 used for AO7/ST7E control

Russ Croman's Sigma Reject Plugin for Maxim DL used for Darks, Flats, Biases and image combine

AIP4WIN used for Deconvolution

Photoshop CS used for final touch up

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