NGC6960 "Witch's Broom" in Veil Nebula (52 Cygni)


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SII Ha OIII Mix (like Hubble's Pillars of Creation)

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Taken on July 8, 2003 from my backyard in Castro Valley, Ca.

AP102 Starfire f/8 (F=812mm) imaging scope

SBIG ST10XME imaging camera @-18C

AP80mm guidescope (F=900mm)

SBIG ST7E guide camera @-15C

Optec TCF-S robotic focuser

FLI CFW1 Filter wheel

Custom Scientific Filters

    Hydrogen Alpha             656.3nm @3nm FWHM

    Oxygen III                         500.7nm @3nm FWHM

    Sulfur II                             673.4nm @3nm FWHM

Three exposures of 30 minutes each were taken through each filter (binned 2x2). Total exposure time is 4.5 hours

Ha was assigned to Red

[OIII] was assigned to Green

[SII] was assigned to Blue

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