NGC6992 Network Nebula imaged in Hydrogen alpha, [OIII] and Hydrogen beta Emission Lines

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Taken on August 9 and 10, 2002 from my backyard in Castro Valley, Ca

AP155EDF f/7 Imaging Scope

FLI IMG1024S @ -25C Imaging Camera

TV101 Guide Scope

ST7E Guide Camera

FLI CFW1 Filter Wheel

Optec TCF-S focuser

Maxim 3.0.7 for image capture and processing

Sigma Beta 10 for flats, darks, combines

Photoshop 6 for adjustments and RGB combine

Custom Scientific Ha (3nm), OIII (3nm) and Hb (3nm) filters used

5 x 1200 sec Ha (used for Red and Luminance)

3 x 1200 sec OIII (used for Green)

3 x 1200 sec Hb (used for Blue)

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