NGC7293 The Helix Nebula in Aquarius

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Taken on October 5, 2002 from Coyote Lake County Park, Gilroy, Ca.

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6 exposures of 10 minutes through Custom Scientific Hydrogen Alpha filter (3nm)

C14 f/11 (F=3910mm) imaging scope

FLI IMG1024S Dream Machine Imaging Camera @ -25C

TV101 guide scope

ST7E NABG guide camera

AP1200GTO mount

Optec TCF-S focuser

FLI CFW1 Filter wheel with Custom Scientific Hydrogen Alpha (3nm) filter

Maxim DL 3.0.7 used for image capture, calibration and alignment, Focusmax used for focusing, Sigma Beta 10 used for darks, flats, stacking

Photoshop 7 used for touchup

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