NGC7635 Bubble Nebula in [SII], Ha and [OIII] from AP180EDT f/9 and FLI ML4022

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Taken on September 26, 2009 from my ranch in the California Gold Country

why the scopes are behind a corral

AP180EDT f/9

FLI Microline ML4022 imaging camera operated at -25C

AP 1200 GTO mount

AP80/900mm guide scope with adjustable rings

SBIG ST7E guide camera

Custom Scientific 3nm FWHM AR-coated 50mm round Halpha, [OIII] and [SII] filter

31 x 15 minutes exposure time

8 x 15 minutes Ha

6 x 15 minutes [OIII]

17 x 15 minutes [SII]

7hours 45 minutes total exposure 

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