NGC7635 Bubble Nebula: Emission Line Filters

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Hydrogen Alpha only

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Ha = Red

[OIII] = Green, Blue

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Ha = Red

[OIII] = Green

[SII] = Blue

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[SII] = Red

Ha = Green

[OIII] = Blue

Taken on August 7, 2003 from my backyard in Castro Valley, Ca.

Celestron C14 Imaging Scope @3910mm focal length (f/11)

Finger Lakes IMG1024S Imaging camera @-34C

RCOS Dichroic Beam Splitter for AO7/IMG compatibility

SBIG ST10XME guide camera

SBIG AO7 Adaptive Optics system

FInger Lakes CFW1 Filter Wheel

Custom Scientific Emission Line filters:

    Hydrogen Alpha     656.3nm    3nm FWHM

    Oxygen III                 500.7nm    3nm FWHM

    Sulfur II                      673.4nm   3nm FWHM

Three exposures of 20 minutes (Ha, [OIII]), two exposures of 20 minutes ([SII]).


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