NGC7635 Bubble Nebula (widefield)

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NGC 7635, The Bubble Nebula
Date(s) taken: 18 and 19 October, 2001
Site: Backyard in Castro Valley, Ca.

Telescope Configuration: Dual Refractor configuration on AP1200GOTO mount.

Image Specifics:
      -LRGB (3x Clear @20 minutes, 1x Red, Green @40 minutes, 2x Blue @64 minutes)
      -Telescope: Takahashi FSQ 106 with Extender Q 106 (F = 848mm, f/8)
      -Camera: SBIG ST7E NABG with CFW8 Color Filter Wheel, Imager at -20 C.
      -Mount: AP1200GTO Selfguided via ST7E
      -CCDSOFT v5 used for image capture, Maxim DL 2.3 used for LRGB combine