PK164+31.1 Jones-Emberson Planetary Nebula in LRGB + [NII] Ha [OIII] Light

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Lum = Luminance Stack + [NII] Ha [OIII] stack

Red = Red Stack + [NII] Stack

Green = Green Stack + Ha  Stack + [OIII] Stack

Blue = Blue Stack + [OIII] Stack 

Al Kelly took the LRGB Data, see his webpage here, see his image here

Richard Crisp took the [NII] Ha and [OIII] data, see that image here

Al Kelly did the processing and used AIP4WIN exclusively

------Equipment and exposure details

Equipment used by Richard Crisp and his exposure details:

Astro-Physics AP155EDF  imaging scope @1085mm focal length (f/7) 

SBIG ST10XME imaging camera @ -30C

Astro-Physics 80mm guide scope

SBIG ST7E Guide control camera @-10C

FLI CFW 1 filter wheel

Custom Scientific Narrowband Emission Line Filter

   [Nitrogen II]                 658.3nm  3nm FWHM

   Hydrogen alpha        656.3nm  3nm FWHM 

   [Oxygen III]                 500.7nm 3nm FWHM   

Exposure details:

4 exposures of 30 minutes for Halpha binned 2x2

5 exposures of 30 minutes for [SII]  binned 2x2

1 exposure of 30 minutes for [OIII]   binned 2x2

5 hours  total exposure time

Maxim DL used for ST10XME control

Equipment used by Al Kelly and exposure details:

12" Takahashi FRC300 (Ritchie Chretien)

ST8E CCD Camera

CFW8a Filter wheel and Custom Scientific filters

The scope is an automated, remotely operable instrument located near Cloudcroft NM. It is owned by Arnie Rosner, who lets users operate it through his Rent-A-Scope business.

Eighteen 300-second clear-filtered subexposures, 

eight 300-second subexposures in red, 

seven 300-second subexposures in green, 

eleven 300-second subexposures in blue were processed in AIP4WIN

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