Sharpless 2-101 Emission Nebula (Sh2-101) in [SII], Ha and [OIII] Light

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Greyscale= Hydrogen Alpha only

Taken on May 30, 2004 from my backyard in Castro Valley, Ca. 

AP180EDT f/9 imaging scope used at F=1620 (f/9)

AP80/900mm guide scope

AP1200GTO mount

FLI IMG1024S  imaging camera @-35C

FLI CFW1 Filter wheel

FLI DF2 Digital Focuser

ST7E guide camera @ -15C

Custom Scientific [SII] filter 673.4nm/ 3nm FWHM

Custom Scientific [OIII] filter 500.7nm/3nm FWHM

Custom Scientific Ha filter 656.3nm/3nm FWHM

four exposures of 600 seconds for Ha, [SII] and [OIII]

Total exposure time 2 hours 

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