Sharpless 2-155 Cave Nebula in Hydrogen Alpha Light

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Taken on June 4, 2004 from Fremont Peak State Park, San Juan Bautista, California and June 5, 2004 from Montebello Open Space Preserve near Palo Alto, California

AP180EDT f/9 imaging scope used at F=1620 (f/9)

AP80/900mm guide scope

AP900GTO mount

SBIG ST10XME  imaging camera @-20C

FLI CFW1 Filter wheel

FLI DF2 Digital Focuser

ST7E guide camera @ -15C

Custom Scientific Ha filter 656.3nm/3nm FWHM

Ten exposures of 600 seconds (2x2 binned) at each aiming for Ha (two telescope aimings): 3 hours 20  minutes total exposure time

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